Wisconsin/Minnesota Regional Retreat 2015 Pictures

A slide show of people and moments from the Wisconsin & Minnesota Regional Retreat 2015.

The Wisc/Minn Retreat WMRR2015-2a.jpg WMRR2015-10.jpg WMRR2015-11.jpg WMRR2015-12.jpg WMRR2015-13.jpg WMRR2015-14.jpg WMRR2015-15.jpg WMRR2015-16.jpg WMRR2015-17.jpg WMRR2015-18.jpg WMRR2015-19.jpg WMRR2015-20.jpg WMRR2015-21.jpg WMRR2015-22.jpg WMRR2015-23.jpg WMRR2015-24.jpg WMRR2015-25.jpg WMRR2015-26.jpg WMRR2015-27.jpg WMRR2015-28.jpg WMRR2015-29.jpg WMRR2015-30.jpg WMRR2015-31.jpg WMRR2015-32.jpg WMRR2015-33.jpg WMRR2015-3a.jpg WMRR2015-4a.jpg WMRR2015-5.jpg WMRR2015-6.jpg WMRR2015-7.jpg WMRR2015-8.jpg WMRR2015-9.jpg


“The worship was fantastic. Overall, the retreat was a wonderful warm, relational time. The teachings were great. I’m so blessed to be a part of it. It filled me up. There was a great blend of church and para-church in one room together.” ~Chris Gardner, Joyful Life Church, Champlin, MN

“The subject matter was great and really helpful! Also, I liked the updates on church/legal issues and how to deal with the current culture (gay marriage, gender issues, etc.) as the church.” ~Anonymous

“The prayer ministry was soooooo good! Thanks.” ~Anonymous

“Messages here were pertinent and high quality. Well done in choice and delivery.” ~Anonymous

“I felt at home and was treated well. I really enjoyed this time of refreshing and connecting with HNI friends.” ~Anonymous

“I loved the one-on-one time with members.” ~Anonymous