Ohio Retreat Pictures

A slide show of people and moments from the Ohio Regional Retreat 2015.

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“The attendance, worship, and ministry and prayer time was excellent. People had significant issues and needed prayer, and they received a touch.” ~Bob Swanger, The River Community Church, Delaware, OH  


“It was good to see younger church planters and to see what God is doing. The relationships are so strong in HNI. It the relationship time where we can encourage each other and help each other to move forward in all that God has for us to do.” ~Brad Kehn, Church of the Good Shepherd, Wayne, OH


“I enjoyed hearing about personal experiences and the different ministries.” ~Anonymous


“Everything really ministered to me. Thank you for the effort—so glad we have conferences like this one to encourage us!” ~Anonymous


“The generous free time is great; minister-minded people almost need someone else to make space for them to take off.” ~Anonymous