Passing the Baton -Jim Anderson to Step Down as Presiding Overseer   - July 2017

What an extraordinary conference we had last month in Charlotte. This edition of the HNI e-Newsletter is full of pictures and testimonies from that amazing gathering. Our friends at Resurrection Church out-did themselves in providing warm Southern hospitality as hosts of our 32nd annual National Assembly. The fellowship, ministry times, messages and worship were all superb. Thanks to Pastor Billy Miller and the whole Resurrection team who made this another “greatest ever” experience!

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Why Bring Up The "Team Thing"? - May 2017

We all believe in good teamwork. The tremendous power of teamwork can be ob-served every-where on a day-to-day basis. The advantages of good  teamwork are so obvious they require no explanation or defense. A good team can accomplish more than a group of disorganized individuals. We see this principle demonstrated in sports, in business and in friends-helping-friends move into a new home. The advantages of teamwork are self-evident.

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Great Obstacles = Great Opportunities - March 2017

I don’t know of two words that better describe our immediate future than “obstacles” and “opportunities.” Under the category of obstacles we are facing I’d place the fol-lowing examples: Expansion of secular philosophies that are especially seductive to young people...

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Is God Asking Us to Get Focused? - January 2017

Much has been writ-ten about Jesus’ remarkable mode of ministry. Two words that come to mind in this regard are “flexible” and “responsive.” The Gospels tell us He was always careful to “be about His Father’s business.” He was responsive to His Father. We read that at times He prayed through the night to know His Father’s will for the coming day. At the same time, He was also attentive and responsive to the needs of the people He encountered. In this regard He comes across as spontaneous and unhurried as He ministers...

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2016 Regional Retreats - November 2016

We had an exceptional time at the Ohio Regional Retreat. Here are some highlights: Jeremy Robinson and Dan and Erica Owings led wonderful  worship times and created an atmosphere that made it easy to move in the flow of the Holy Spirit...

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GOT STRENGTH? - September 2016

Do you remember the old “Got Milk?” commercials? Of course, the implied message was, “You really do need milk badly, and if you don’t have some you should go out right now and get some!” I think the Lord is asking His people today, “Got strength?” He is asking this out of kindness and love. His Church is facing days of unfamiliar trials and difficult challenges. The good news is, He is eager to impart all the strength we will need for whatever lies ahead!

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Reflections on the 2016 Harvest Network Assembly - July 2016

As the members of Harvest Network International have done faithfully for over thirty years, a large representation of HNI’s credentialed minis-ters, their families, members of HNI churches and guests assembled before the Lord on June 21-23 in Hastings, Minnesota. Our theme this year was “Aligning With God’s Priorities.”

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Love Motivated Warfare - May 2016

Jesus knew this world was a realm under satanic siege. Planet Earth was not a place of peace but a realm at war. From the casting out of Lucifer and his angels from Heaven, to the temptation in the Garden of Eden, to Babylon and the multiplication of nations under satanic influence, planet Earth has been an embattled world. The idea that somehow our era is less threatened by evil is the height of deception. We must fight if we will follow Christ into victory.

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History Favors the Prepared - March 2016

I like to think of myself as not being a very gullible person. But something big is happening. Whether one looks at the world scene or examines more local news, events are stirring that predict major change is in the air.

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A New Year's Greetings - January 2016

As another calendar page is turned and we start “the year of our Lord 2016”, I rejoice again at the privilege of being in that part of Christ’s Body known as Harvest Network International.

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The Birth of the HNI's Newest International Partnership - November 2015

One evening six years ago, I was working in my home office when the phone rang. I looked at the answering machine and saw that it was an unknown international number. I was prepared to let the machine handle the call, when I felt an inner “nudge” to respond. So, I picked up the phone. “Hello Man of God, this is Bishop Raphael from Uganda. How are you today? When are you coming to Uganda?”

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Regional Retreat Pictures:

Minn/Wisc                Ohio                East Coast                 Central States


An Invitation to Come Away - September 2015

October has become one of my favorite times of the year! It is the month I get to travel to HNI’s four regional re-treats and marvel at the diversity and excellence of the people who make up this network. These smaller, more informal gatherings are conducive to catching up with long-time friends and establishing relationships with new HNI ministers and the visitors our members invite and include. 

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Reflections of the 30th National Assembly - July 2015

The 30th National Assembly is now completed! The staff and volunteers at Resurrection Church provided such amazing hospitality, the guest speakers shared a wealth of practical and anointed teaching, the fellowship was sweet, and the worship was powerful! All in all, it was a fantastic week! 

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Come Celebrate 30 Years of Moving Forward - May 2015

On June 23-25, members and guests of Harvest Network will gather in Charlotte, NC to celebrate our 30th National Assembly. I urge you to devote the time and resources necessary to attend this wonderful event. The decision to invest in developing your own leadership skills is never a bad investment! 

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Is Leadership Development Becoming Our Priority One? - March 2015

This edition of HNI’s quarterly newsletter is dedicated to sharing the vision of HNI’s 30th National Assembly. We will be gathering on June 23-25 in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina to dig deeply into the priority and process of preparing and releasing God’s next generation leaders... 

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Progress on an Essential Goal - January 2015

A decade ago, Harvest Net-work International (HNI) made becoming a church planting network one of our top priorities. While our international members have long excelled in church planting, it was not a priority or part of the DNA of most of our member churches in the United States. Even though HNI as a movement in the United States had inherited many great strengths as a Spirit-filled renewal movement, we realized that we lacked knowledge and experience in the realm of intentional church planting as a growth and evangelism strategy... 

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Major Momentum - November 2014

In October I was honored to attend all four of HNI's regional gatherings. We came together under the theme, "Taking Hold of God's Grace for Long Term Faithfulness." I came away from the experience impressed once again with the amazing breadth and quality of the servant-leaders God has united in the HNI. I was also made aware that we have turned a corner in our quest to remain a relevant, forward-looking movement as we enter the fourth decade of existence. Here is some of the evidence that draws me to that conclusion... 

Winter Newsletter - January 2014

Greetings and “Happy New Year!”to each of you and your family. I sincerely hope you have had a few days to  rest following the celebration of our Lord’s coming into this world. Each year I am again filled with awe that our  great God and Creator came as one of us. What love and commitment Jesus demonstrates in this sacrificial act! As a New Year dawns may we all fulfill the charge Paul gave the Philippian church to imitate Jesus in showing the same kind of devotion and love as servants of God and our fellow men. 
Jim Anderson

Honored to serve with you!
   Jim Anderson
   HNI Presiding Overseer