East Coast Regional Retreat 2015 Pictures

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“Awesome! I love HNI! ~Anonymous

“We had a great time. We met in a hotel. We had great quality time together because it was all in one place. It was a time to push/mash the pause button. Put a pause on life, our lists, and get away to get with other ministers and with God. There are great benefits to getting away on a retreat and disconnecting.” ~Kevin Brown, Cornerstone Church, Americus, GA

“The large HNI Annual gathering event is wonderful, but the smaller regional events are also important because they are more personal and interactive.” ~Rollo Leimer, St. Peters Lutheran, Charlotte, NC

“I appreciated and was deeply touched by the worship. It was very uplifting. I also benefited greatly from the personal prayer time of the whole group, God is good.” ~Sandee Sledd, Cross-Cultural Ministries, Doraville, GA

“I loved Jim's teachings. It was great to have the head of the ministry share his heart in such a gentle but confident way. He gave great admonition and direction to leaders in a way that drew us in, not in a condescending way. The more I hear from Jim, the more I realize how blessed I am to be part of HNI!” ~Tammy Melton, Legacy Ministries for Christ, Inc., Peachtree City, GA

“The ministry time with prophetic gifts and prayer specifically over me brought direction and confirmation.” ~Tammy Melton, Legacy Ministries for Christ, Inc., Peachtree City, GA

“Being a small group, I was able to interact with so many on an individual basis, and it was very encouraging.” ~Sandee Sledd, Cross-Cultural Ministries, Doraville, GA

“What is important to me is just getting to know the others and what they are doing and to be praying for them.” ~Sandee Sledd, Cross-Cultural Ministries, Doraville, GA