Central Retreat 2015 Pictures

Cent2015-16.jpg Cent2015-11.jpg Cent2015-1.jpg Cent2015-10.jpg Cent2015-12.jpg Cent2015-13.jpg Cent2015-14.jpg Cent2015-15.jpg Cent2015-17.jpg Cent2015-18.jpg Cent2015-19.jpg Cent2015-2.jpg Cent2015-3.jpg Cent2015-4.jpg Cent2015-5.jpg Cent2015-6.jpg Cent2015-7.jpg Cent2015-8.jpg Cent2015-9.jpg Cent2015-20.jpg Cent2015-21.jpg Cent2015-22.jpg Cent2015-23.jpg Cent2015-24.jpg Cent2015-25.jpg Cent2015-26.jpg Cent2015-27.jpg Cent2015-28.jpg Cent2015-29.jpg Cent2015-30.jpg Cent2015-31.jpg Cent2015-32.jpg Cent2015-33.jpg


“I enjoyed the contents of all of the meetings. I really liked having open discussion.” ~Anonymous

“Good teachings and encouragement.” ~Anonymous

“HNI knows the value of relationships and ensures that relationships maintain a high priority in every event they sponsor.” ~Tom Herbert, LIFE Church, Jacksonville, IL

“The retreat is about people building relationships with one another and getting to know one another.” ~Tom Herbert, LIFE Church, Jacksonville, IL

“As pastors and leaders, we get into an attitude that we do the ministry. But as a group of leaders with spiritual gifts in wisdom, healing, and prophetic, we were able to move around and to be ministered to by one another. Some people came seeking a word from God about their future and what God wanted to do with them next. And, some people received direction, got healed, and were edified because of attending the retreat.” ~Jim Anderson, The Harbor Church, Hastings, MN