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Membership with Harvest Network

Harvest Network offers individual credentials at three different levels:

Ordination: This credential will be issued to those with a qualified fulltime call that is transferable between ministries and congregations to life time service in the Kingdom.

General License: This credential is for ministers who are serving under the ministry of a local church or para-church ministry. A second category of general licensing will be issued to an individual moving towards ordination but who has yet to fully satisfy all of the five criteria.

Special License: This credential will normally be issued to those with a special call to a specific Christian ministry that requires professional credentialing but does not include official pastoral duties such as performing weddings etc. (Examples: teacher in Christian school, prison ministry, etc.).

If you are interested in applying for ministerial credentials with Harvest Network, please download the forms on the right menu, complete them and return them to the Harvest Network office.

Harvest Network is NOT currently accepting applications from ministers outside of the United States. We will post information on our website when this policy changes.


Harvest Network provides the following services to its members:

  • Credentialing of ministers in three categories: ordination, general license and special license.
  • Spiritual Covering
  • Pastoral care through local and regional groups and events.
  • Annual Summit for church Lead/Senior Pastors and spouses only.
  • National Assembly of Members and Friends each June.
  • Resourcing Conferences
  • Consultation to member churches on ministry and growth-related issues and programs.
  • Assistance to congregations in times of need.
  • Networking with ministries in Harvest Network and the larger Body of Christ.
  • Recommendations for training/seminary considerations.
  • Papers and training materials in such areas as church Employee Manuals, church transitions, call process for new pastors etc.
  • Department of Defense Ecclesiastical Endorsements in partnership with Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches.
  • Intercessory Prayer Group to respond to ministry and personal matters in need of urgent prayer.


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