Foundational Values

1. Infallibility of Scripture - All Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments, is infallible and inspired by God.  It is the supreme authority in doctrine, conduct, pattern and values of life.  Interpretation of Scripture must be in accordance with its context and purpose with an expectation that God speaks through His Word to us in living power.

2. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are available today - Jesus Christ, the risen and ascended Lord, has promised to empower every seeking and asking believer with the Holy Spirit, His gifts and fruit, so that the Church might be able to carry on the supernatural ministry of Christ in the world today.

3. Prayer - God has ordained prayer as an essential part of bringing His Kingdom's  purposes and power into manifestation.  Believing that the battles and blessings of the Kingdom are first won and established in the Spirit through prayer, we are devoted to an ever-growing understanding and discipline of prayer at all levels of ministry.

4. Evangelical Mission Emphasis - The ultimate purpose of the Church is to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ through loving service and bold testimony.  The primary responsibility for carrying out the Great Commission rests upon the local congregations in cooperation with other ministries.  The Network is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by upholding:
       - The preaching of the Gospel to all nations;
       - The baptism of converts;
       - The teaching and equipping of believers to become mature, obedient disciples;
       - Signs and wonders to confirm the Word of God;
       - Care for the poor and needy;
       - The manifestation of true unity with all believers.
       - The need to continually pray for the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit.

5. Autonomy of Member's Ministries - The Network is a vibrant association of vital, self-governing ministries.  Each ministry maintains its freedom to discern God's vision and is responsible for self-funding.  These two important principles protect the Network from drifting towards centralized control and prevent ministries from losing their dependence on God's vision and their autonomy over personnel and funding.

6. Relationship:  A valued priority - The Network is committed to building strong relationships at all levels.  From its inception, it has sought to be a relational fellowship of congregations, ministries, and ministers. To help facilitate this process, the Council of Elders coordinates a variety of leadership gatherings in an ongoing effort to encourage healthy leadership and pastoral care to each member.

7. Role of Ephesians 4:11 Leadership Gifts - The operation of the five-fold gifts described in Ephesians 4:11 is imperative.  Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers are essential for equipping God's people for the work of ministry. Effective leadership primarily springs from a person gifting, calling and anointing.

8. Global Vision - The Network is committed to mutually building up relationships with apostolic national leaders in other countries to share God's gifts, encourage one another and promote the success of indigenous congregations and ministries, thus working to complete the worldwide harvest.