About the Harvest Network

Who We Are

Harvest Network is a Christian ordaining body and network of individual ministers, congregations and ministries connecting to equip God's workers and reach the world for Christ. We exist to provide not only the practicality of ministerial credentials, but also spiritual covering, support, and networking and fellowship opportunities with ministers who walk similar paths.

Harvest Network holds 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the federal government and is registered as a faith-based non-profit corporation. Credentials issued by HNI are recognized by federal and state authorities, hospitals, prisons and Veterans Affairs organizations. We partner with the Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches, which acts as an Endorsing Agent, so that our ordained members may be recognized by the Department of Defense as chaplains for military service.

Harvest Network was born in the mid-1980s when a group of Spirit-filled Christian leaders from various backgrounds saw the need for a ministerial association that embraced a high view of Scripture, the importance of the gifts of the Spirit being active in the Church today, and a vision of a worldwide harvest.

These three convictions, concerning (1) the Word, (2) the Spirit, and (3) evangelism and missions, remain the foundational values for this association. HNI has today grown to include approximately 40 strong congregations and ministries and over 230 credentialed ministers in the US and 34 dynamic peer-networks overseas.  These international networks oversee hundreds of church plants with a combined total membership in the thousands. 


Our Mission

Harvest Network is called to build an international network of leaders, congregations and ministries. The Network is dedicated to facilitating growing congregations that equip God's people to creatively reach and disciple the lost in their communities, to reproduce themselves by church planting and to partner with missionaries, missions organizations, ministries and national church leaders to complete the worldwide harvest.



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Statement of Faith


Foundational Values

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